We work with several carefully selected partners in order to provide for each client a quality service and end product.

Continuous improvement is the cornerstone of our culture because our employees share a common goal of achieving results for our clients and their clients.

We deploy numerous solutions throughout France, but also internationally. Discover now many of our major projects.

Our network of COMETA agents covers the entire French territory and works internationally to develop the Smart Cities of tomorrow.

COMETA, 65 years of existence

Founded in 1953, COMETA has witnessed a history punctuated by events rewarding the determination and precision of its leaders. Hence, as a player in Smart City and industrial connected objects, we have been providing reliable and innovative solutions for the public sector and for many private companies for over 65 years.

Today, our company is strengthening its involvement in smart cities in France and internationally. First, by producing new intuitive connected solutions, thus simplifying the management of these new complex ecosystems.


Birth of the COMETA brand


COMETA network agents


  • The human, sensory design

    Our engineering teams design and develop all COMETA solutions by mastering all the perceived aspects of our products in order to make them the most intuitive solutions possible. Therefore, the know-how of our company relies largely on this consideration of the expectations of installers to meet the needs of end users.

  • The environment, ecological management

    Today, every company must perfectly control its ecological impact. Thus, beyond the energy savings achieved through our solutions, at COMETA, we attach great importance to controlling our carbon footprint. As a result, we work mainly locally with several partners located near our factory.

  • The future, technologies & ecology

    We accurately perceive the needs of communities and the increasingly complex management of growing cities, which is why we are placing COMETA at the center of building future smart cities. Thus, as a player of the Smart City, we build reliable, sustainable and intuitive technological eco-systems at the service of users.