Our local logistics

Eco-friendly and 100% Auvergne/Rhône-Alpes-based

Since its creation in 1953, COMETA has the particularity to favor our local industrial fabric.

COMETA has created a strong and supportive ecosystem for developing products for lighting management; for a mutually constructive relationship of mutual aid, intelligence, and even connivance between players who respect each other.

We wish to contribute our share to the maintenance of the French industrial sector.

Today, all of our needs are positioned with French suppliers in order to limit transport and, consequently, CO2 emissions.

During visits and audits of suppliers, we verify that the suppliers (or potential suppliers):

  • comply with the regulations and standards in force for the preservation of the environment,
  • do not discharge waste into the wild,
  • We ask them to actively cooperate to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging of the products delivered.

Ecology and technologies

Reliability, economy and ecology

  • The electronic technologies developed by COMETA are green technologies, particularly thanks to their very low intrinsic power consumption and by their optimized carbon footprint production method.
  • For example, COMETA astronomical clocks and communication gateways are the most energy-efficient on the market. Less than 1W per AS4 clock and less than 4W for COMETA GATE communications
  • Thus, a gap of 3 VA results in overconsumption of 26.2 kWh / year and per product. For example, for a department that would be equipped with 4,500 astronomical clocks, an additional consumption of 118,000 kWh / year or the equivalent of 90 150-W lamps lit 24 hours a day.
  • In addition, products with limited warm-up last longer, tolerate extended operating ranges and therefore the investment of our clients is more sustainable.
  • Finally, the electronic technologies developed by COMETA do not include a battery for data backup. The data is saved for life in read-only memories. Therefore, no maintenance or recycling to be done as in the case of changing a battery.

"French Quality" by COMETA

Research and Development: key to innovation

Productivity and innovation go hand in hand.

The more innovative and productive we are, the more we offer in terms of more competitive and faster solutions to our clients as well as their clients every day. Thus, the many tools we use to improve processes and develop our knowledge (Six Sigma, Lean) require that we build and work as a team.

LEAN values are ones to which we are profoundly attached:

  • Respect and listening
  • Loyalty and fairness
  • Humility facing complexity: modesty, reassessment
  • Rigor, discipline and tenacity
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence: search for perfection

The goal is to reduce the risk of seeing the product or service not meeting its expectations or specifications.

Behind our world-renowned technologies are smart, talented and engaged people who embody our vision through their work, creativity and dedication to clients.

Thus, our goal is to invent technologies that meet the demands of an ever-changing world by creating connected solutions and products that enable our clients to improve and control their energy consumption.

Technical support

You can rest assured that you will benefit from an effective technical support in all circumstances:

At COMETA, it is the design engineers who support you and guide you to optimal Client service.