The astronomical clock Lumandar AS4 is a connected annual clock, programmable via Smartphone or IoT-COMETA network for public lighting applications.

Consistent with a spirit of sustainable development, this astronomical clock uses unlimited-life components only (no cell or battery) and has very low consumption. It is therefore fully eligible for Energy Savings Certificates thanks to its GPS radio-synchronization.

Combined with its GPS antenna, the astronomical clock is also automatically radio-synchronized and geolocated without any other intervention, i.e. it is totally “Plug & Play”.

Finally, the programming software is used to set the functions that will be transmitted to the clock via secure Bluetooth from an Android Smartphone or an IoT-COMETA network. Thus, these programming functions allow the definition of twilight offset periods, weekly cuts as well as exceptional cut periods via a Smartphone or an IoT network.

ILIEC software also offers consultation capabilities (ephemerides, lighting duration calculations, upcoming night instructions, night time instructions on a given date, GPS antenna reception information).

Access to clock’s programming can be secured by PIN code.

The clock has 2 independent relay outputs allowing the control of different outgoing lines, for example the management of street lighting and festive lighting.

It is also equipped with an optional sensor input that adds comfort by brightness measurement or presence detection.

  • Automatic switching of street and public lighting when “On” and “Off” timing synchronization is required
  • Independent management of traffic lane and pedestrian zone lighting or festive lighting
  • Remote Management (Smart City)
  • Intuitive programming via Smartphone or IoT-COMETA network
  • Energy saving device eligible for Energy Savings Certificates
  • Radio-synchronization by GPS (accuracy: 3.43 km²)
  • IGN localization possible by software (accuracy: 560 km²)
  • Optimized ephemeris algorithm for public lighting
  • 2 independent channels programmable for:
    • 12 annual twilight offset periods ± 99 minutes
    • 1 weekly daily program (1 cut-off/night)
    • 20 exceptional annual periods (2 cutoffs/night)
  • Automatic and configurable summer / winter time change
  • Four-digit PIN code locking
  • 5 rapid diagnostic status indicators
  • Optical sensor input or optional presence detector
  • Reduced size: 3 pitches of 17.5 mm
  • Wide range and low consumption power supply
  • No cell or battery backup

The Astronomical Clock Lumandar AS4 in action :

The new astronomical clocks AS4 in BOURGES (18000) AS4 astronomical clocks - COMETA SMART CITY

The new astronomical clocks AS4 in BOURGES (18000)

Here are some examples of how our astronomical clocks AS4 are used in the city of BOURGES
AS4-CRS in Vitry-aux-Loges (45530) AS4 SNS - COMETA - SMARTCITY

AS4-CRS in Vitry-aux-Loges (45530)

The public lighting of the village center is controlled by 2 cabinets with astronomical clocks (AS3 and AS4). These cabi