Sala Noor & COMETA: Carrying out tests for a sustainable partnership in Morocco


With its smart agent Inara, COMETA has met again with the local development company “Sala Noor” in Salé, Morocco, to carry out tests for the optimization of public lighting in the commune. From left to right: Mr. Vito Carnicelli, COMETA’s President and R&D Officer and Mr. El Mostafa Rami, Sala Noor’s Public Lighting Manager.

About Sala Noor:

The creation of the Local Development Company “Sala Noor” is the result of a public-private partnership (PPP), between the Urban Commune of Salé, the company OKSA-Morocco and the Company of Energy Investments (SIE)1. OKSA is the leading provider of energy efficiency solutions for utilities and local communities in the Africa and Middle East region2. SIE represents the State’s financial arm for the realization of the energy mix by 2020. It intervenes as much in the investment as in the development of projects of renewable energies and of energy efficiency3.

The purpose of this collaboration is to:

“Open up to the private sector in local management”1

“Improve the quality of services rendered”1

“Adhere to the national policy on energy efficiency and the use of new energies”1.

Objectives are numerous and ambitious:

“To renovate the city’s public lighting installations”1

“To Broaden the network and generalize public lighting throughout Salé urban territory”1

“To alleviate the impact of the energy bill on the communal budget (in terms of consumption and maintenance)”1.

For further information:

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