We deploy our connected solutions around the world, and work closely with many clients. First, in the public sector by supporting communities in the emergence of new Smart Cities, but also in the private sector with the implementation of technologies and solutions exclusively dedicated to companies.

We offer a panel of connected objects that form the bricks of IoT-COMETA infrastructure controlled by our ILIEC technology.

COMETA today combines IoT with its advanced engineering to build the Smart Cities of tomorrow via a network of interconnected connected objects.

ILIEC is the lighting management interface developed by COMETA. Intuitive and ergonomic, it centralizes the control of IoT-COMETA network.

COMETA has been a player in the field of public lighting for 65 years. Our innovative solutions are based on industrial rigor.


  • 1. Needs analysis

    Each project starts with a client request and therefore a need. Thus, at COMETA, we attach great importance to understanding your project in its entirety. Consequently, we write the broad lines in order to determine the objectives and the means, but also the limits..

  • 2. Customized design

    Because each project is unique, each of our solutions must be as well. Thus, we work with our clients to develop efficient and optimized solutions for each project. All this, in a French industrial rigor and an omnipresent quality control..

  • 3. Efficient delivery

    Our network and our ultra local logistics allow us to quickly and efficiently implement many projects whose complexity does not slow down the implementation. As a result, we cover a large territory, thanks to our network of more than 100 agents throughout France and internationally.

Adaptability of COMETA IoT network

COMETA offers its clients innovative connected solutions, relying on its existing infrastructures particularly on its control cabinets for public lighting where COMETA is omnipresent via its GPS astronomical clocks and its sensors. Thus, each of the studies conducted for the realization of your projects is based on a strong adaptability of our technologies to your existing network.

A few applications of IoT-COMETA solutions

  • Synchronizing the lighting of a municipality

  • Controlling lighting duration

  • Changing lighting hours

  • Managing particular events

  • Knowing the overall consumption

  • Being notified of network failures

  • Checking the proper functioning of the cabinets

  • Knowing interventions’ dates and duration

Scalability of connected solutions

We offer a catalog of interconnectable and autonomous components, the independence of each of these bricks constitutes the force of IoT-COMETA network. Thus, our offer is complete and scalable thanks to a set of bidirectional connected solutions to control your public lighting.