COMETA accompanies you to build smart, connected and automated cities for a sustainable local economy.

Discover our know-how along with all COMETA solutions thanks to which we are among the players of the smart city.

The power of our technology combined with the proven performance of connected objects.

There is no better way to learn more about our company than to discover all the projects that have materialized through our technology and our connected solutions.

Upgrading MAYOTTE’s infrastructure mayotte

Upgrading MAYOTTE’s infrastructure

In Mayotte, 7 sites have been equipped with astronomical clocks AS4 and COMETA Gate with ILIEC server remote management.


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    Public Sector

    Across France and internationally, COMETA intervenes on behalf of local communities.

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    Connected Sensors

    We provide many connected sensors and set up a large network of connected objects.

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    Our sensors are a reference in many on-board railway systems.

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    Waste Management

    We will soon be proposing an intelligent waste management system via voluntary containers.

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    Parking spaces

    We will soon be offering an intelligent parking space management system via car presence sensors.



Human history has witnessed a great leap forward with the discovery of fire. Greek mythology attributes this major advance to Prometheus, when he brought to men this fundamental element, hitherto reserved for the gods of Olympus. Since then, its use has spread over the entire planet and today it is more about “controlling fire”, i.e. controlling energy in all its forms. That’s when the Smart City comes in.

Ecology and Technologies

Electronic technologies developed by COMETA are the least energy-consuming in the French market (<1W consumption).

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Our corporate responsibility

COMETA, a company owned by its employees with a priority and permanent budget dedicated to Research and Development.

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Our local logistics

We offer short-circuit production and logistics, 100% Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes-based to reduce carbon footprint.

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French Quality by COMETA

The products qualified by our company go far beyond the standards. Their reliability is put to the test during numerous stress tests.

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Since 1953, we already have more than 1000 clients all over the world. No project is too big or too complicated for us.

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