Installation of astronomical clocks in Saint-Baudelle


The commune of Saint-Baudelle, in Mayenne, in the Pays-de-la-Loire region and its Energy Syndicate “Territoire d’Energie Mayenne“, have decided to install around thirty AS4 GPS astronomical clocks from COMETA.

This choice results from a replacement policy of 160 lanterns and a refurbishment of electrical cabinets throughout the territory. The ease of programming via Smartphone, the possible evolution towards remote management offered by the clocks, energy saving as well as the competitive prices have confirmed the choice of the commune and the syndicate to place their trust in our solutions, and for that we thank them.

A connected GPS astronomical clock is an innovative product. Placed in the electrical cabinet, it analyzes the exact position of the city and controls the switching on and off of light according to the ephemeris. It is also a connected object that remotely control cutoffs to save energy.

Accompanied by our regional agent Mr. Bolo, we can see in the photo Mr. Fouassier, Public Lighting Manager of the Syndicate, during the installation of our astronomical clocks.