COMETA, 65 years of existence


Cometa IoT 65 years

COMETA, a SME created in 1953 with an exceptional growth from the very beginning, which has it to stand out from the crowd. So in 1963, it was awarded the Grand Prix of the Export Oscar presented by Mr. Valéry GISCARD D’ESTAING.

This exceptional success story is at the origin of a man: Gabriel PONS de VINCENT.

A product: LUMANDAR.

This success was achieved on the basis of a single product strategy.

Therefore, LUMANDAR is still there today, still a leader in the field of twilight lighting control. However, the growth of the company is made around the other products like GPS astronomical clocks.

In addition, connected products that can be controlled via smartphones or the Internet via its intuitive ILIEC interface (Intuitive Software Interface for Connected Lighting) are also becoming new reference in the field of public lighting.

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