Our IoT-COMETA industrial connected objects network

Internet of Things and IoT-COMETA industrial connected objects network

Structure and functionning of IoT-COMETA industrial connected objects network

The IoT-COMETA M2M (machine to machine) connected objects network is a long-range extended network that allows low-speed, low-cost, bidirectional (free) radio communication, according to LoRa modulation (LoRa stands for Long Range). This technomogy is developed by the Grenoble-based firm Cycleo (Semtech Group), which allows LoRa COMETA connected objects (GPS clock AS4, weather sensor, connected meter, lantern control module, etc.) to exchange, for years, low-bandwidth data via gateways, COMETA GATEs.

Thus, COMETA industrial connected object technology uses both 868 MHz free radio frequencies and Internet. In addition, it has the advantage of being very economical for the end user and has, in addition, excellent penetration capacity of buildings, cellars and basements.

Finally, the extreme reception sensitivity of COMETA industrial connected objects guarantees link budgets of more than 20 dB, i.e. higher than those displayed by standard technologies. The most remarkable feature is its “scalability” which makes it possible to easily develop LoRa IoT-COMETA network to adapt it to an ever greater number of connected objects (pollution sensor, river level sensor, snow level sensor, communicating meters etc …).

Advantages of IoT-COMETA industrial connected objects network

  • The server software is hosted by COMETA server (based in France)
  • Accessible from a computer or from an Android / IOS terminal, the supervision center allows authorized personnel to know:
  • The state of the network
    • The statement of position status
    • The alarms reported by one or more COMETA GATE(s)
    • The cabinets are positioned on a dynamic map.
  • A summary of the state of the network is sent by email to the various maintenance managers.
  • On-call staff can be warned of alarms at any time and make remote commands.
  • COMETA network has a hierarchical structure: network, zone, head end, gateways, and equipment.
  • All internet connections and transactions with the server are made via a secure https connection.

IoT-COMETA industrial connected objects network in action

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