COMETA RELAIS is a 4-relay receiver driven via remote control (COMETA REMOTE), Tablet and Smartphone or IoT-COMETA Network

COMETA RELAIS is a multifunctional waterproof 4-way radio receiver (IP55) with feedback (acknowledgment of the issued order), allowing the remote control of various applications in industrial automation, agricultural automation and home automation, for example: factories, houses, farms, pastures, vehicles, boats, operations at sea, aerial vehicles, etc.

COMETA RELAIS can remotely control equipment on land, water and air.

  • COMETA RELAIS allows the remote control of lamps, sirens, locks, motors, fans, winches, blinds, linear actuators, doors, windows, electrical solenoid valves, security alarms and various equipment.
  • Wireless control, easy to install.
  • Large radio range
  • Feedback
  • Waterproof (anti-condensation) receiver
  • Configurable via tablet / Smartphone:
    • Adjustable timer
    • Relay / button association
  • Several mounting possibilities
  • Burglar-proof: receiver opening detection


St-Georges de Didonne, Astronomical Clocks AS4, COMETA GATE & RELAY

St-Georges de Didonne, Astronomical Clocks AS4, COMETA GATE & RELAY

SAINT-GEORGES-DE-DIDONNE, a seaside commune, gets its fair share of all kinds of summer season events like the inevitabl