COMETA's Promethean spirit

Creativity and innovation:

ILIEC technology is the intuitive management solution for your lighting network on a street, neighborhood, and Smart City scale.

Constrained to the perpetual changes in its organization, humanity cannot reproduce itself following the sae pattern. It must solve the difficult equation of keeping pace with need inflation and resource depletion. Reducing energy consumption is one of the major challenges…

Aware of these global issues and relying on its core business, COMETA has embarked upon this path, developing new technologies adapted to Public Lighting

Offering solutions that are accessible to all, it has developed connected GPS astronomical clocks that cut night-time public lighting, generating major energy savings, and therefore significant budget gains. Driven by this Promethean spirit, the company has always relied on its Technical Research and Development Unit, which lead to the design of many products and a suite of associated software, adaptable according to the various users’ needs.

The latest technology on offer is the Intuitive Software Interface for Connected Lighting (ILIEC, Interface Logicielle Intuitive pour Éclairage Connecté).


User friendly solutions

The technological evolution brought by ILIEC is the result of a development, which itself comes a fruit to an attentive and pragmatic listening to a large number of users.

Using their phone, the user has a connected proximity instrument allowing access to COMETA website. If necessary, the user can consult the documents relating to the selected product, find programming data including the oldest, etc. The user can also modify the program immediately, following the request that would be addressed to them by an elected representative or a community officer via email.

ILIEC offers thus a great synergy between COMETA, the community and the field.

Quest for Simplicity

Easy programming via Smartphone

To install its new technology, COMETA has chosen the Smartphone, the very widely distributed device among the population. It is a very practical, hand-held modern tool. It has a perfect ergonomic support and runs on Android operating system.

Its very intuitive logic allows any user to find their reference points. Installing the new interface on this device takes a few seconds only. Programming is fast and does not require any instructions. The user is guided by screen sequences.

Finally, clock connection is not required to access ILIEC functions.

A Qualitative Leap in Public Lighting

ILIEC paves the way for the Connected City

This new technology positions COMETA at the forefront of the companies that prefigure the Connected City: City 4.0.

Our world is evolving towards a growing importance of digital technology and a requirement of internet connection, especially for the new Smartphone generation. In response to this demand, there will be many professional applications for city management.

Need a demonstration of ILIEC interface?