STEDDA basic is a Smartphone-driven connected switch

STEDDA-Basic is a latest-generation switch, radio-controlled and programmable via Android Smartphone using secure Bluetooth security.

Its main application is the independent control of festive illuminations and other temporary lighting / systems installed on patterns or facades.

STEDDA-Basic modules are either integrated directly by the manufacturer or installed and connected together with the illumination patterns. They will not function until the wake-up command is issued by the Smartphone. Similarly, the patterns will switch to stand-by mode on simple command via the Smartphone (using secure Bluetooth).

Once STEDDA-Basic is activated, the illumination follows the switching on and off of the mast to which it is connected (illumination and public lighting switch on and off simultaneously).

It can also be used to replace the module’s initial junction box and connect up to four illumination / module patterns or other devices.

  • Forced start or stop remote control
  • Illumination activation/deactivation
  • Forced start or forced stop via Smartphone and intuitive secure Android interface
  • Green product (very low consumption)
  • PIN code protection