STEDDA Standard is a connected astronomical clock, programmable via Smartphone

STEDDA-Standard is a latest-generation clock, radio-controlled and programmable via Android Smartphone (using Bluetooth security).

Its main application is the independent control of secondary networks or festive illuminations and other temporary lighting / systems installed.

STEDDA-Standard modules can consequently be integrated directly by the manufacturers or installed and connected on facades or poles.

Morover, it can also be used to replace the module’s initial junction box and connect up to four illumination / module patterns or other devices.

Finally, the software also offers consultation capabilities (ephemerides, lighting duration calculations, upcoming night instructions).

Access to programming can be secured by PIN code.

  • Festive lighting
  • Secondary public lighting network control
  • Traffic lights control (night, weekend, festive or sports event, etc.)
  • Light signal control near schools
  • fountains and water jets control
  • Sound signal management (schools, companies)
  • Intuitive programming via Smartphone
  • Secure forced switching on / off
  • Optimized ephemeris algorithm for public lighting
  • 1 programmable channel on:
    • 12 annual twilight offset periods ± 99 minutes
    • 1 weekly daily program (1 cut-off/night)
    • 20 exceptional annual periods (2 cutoffs/night)
  • Automatic and configurable summer / winter time change
  • Four-digit PIN code locking
  • Wide range and low consumption power supply
  • No cell or battery backup