Astronomical clocks in Fez, Morocco

Following a presentation of our products to RADEEF, we proceeded, by way of test, to the installation of a LUMANDAR AS3
Astronomical clocks - COMETA SMART CITY

4000 COMETA Astronomical Clocks in Dordogne

Dordogne is one of the few French departments where there is a light switching on and off system for public lighting, ca

Ifrane (Morocco), installation of astronomical clocks AS3

COMETA  launched in October the installation of astronomical clocks in the city of Ifrane in Morocco.
Astronomical clock as4 - NIORT - COMETA

The city of Niort is equipped with connected astronomical clocks AS4

Here is an example of use of our astronomical clocks in the city of NIORT
AS4 astronomical clocks - COMETA SMART CITY

The new astronomical clocks AS4 in BOURGES (18000)

Here are some examples of how our astronomical clocks AS4 are used in the city of BOURGES

AS4-CRS in Vitry-aux-Loges (45530)

The public lighting of the village center is controlled by 2 cabinets with astronomical clocks (AS3 and AS4). These cabi
Smart City, COMETA from Vannes

Vannes (56000), Astronomical Clock AS4 and COMETA GATE in action

Installation of LUMANDAR AS4 with remote management via COMETA GATE and ILIEC server in Vannes.
Smart City - Cometa from Saint Nazaire

Saint Nazaire (44600), future Smart City?

Installation of AS4 with remote management via COMETA GATE and iliec server on Saint NAZAIRE.

St-Georges de Didonne, Astronomical Clocks AS4, COMETA GATE & RELAY

SAINT-GEORGES-DE-DIDONNE, a seaside commune, gets its fair share of all kinds of summer season events like the inevitabl

Upgrading MAYOTTE’s infrastructure

In Mayotte, 7 sites have been equipped with astronomical clocks AS4 and COMETA Gate with ILIEC server remote management.